Jersey Shore Vacation Linen Rentals

Bed & Bath Linen Rentals for Your Jersey Shore Vacation

We highly recommend these services for your rental linen needs:

Since 2003, Coastal Linen Supply has been offering the finest bed and bath linen rentals for your Jersey Shore Vacation.
Order only what you want, in the quantities you want.  Our online ordering system also allows a great amount of flexibility with arrival and departure days and times.
Linens are delivered to your rental by 5pm on the day of your check-in. When your time at the beach has come to an end, simply bag up the linens and leave outside to be picked up and laundered by Coastal Linen – it doesn’t get more convenient than that!
Contact Coastal Linen direct: Coastal Linen Supply 

Founder and lifelong Jersey Shore resident Janine, saw a need for this niche bedding & towel rental service in her local beach area along the shore. Blue Cottage Linens has been delivering their sheets & towels for over 4 years. She knew first hand the struggles of packing for a large family and had used a similar service like Blue Cottage Linens while traveling. It was a life saver for space in the car and less hassle when leaving their rental after time away. Vacationers can pack less and focus on creating lasting memories and the rental homeowner can keep their linen closets bare and eliminate that weekend turnover hassle and leave the laundering to us.

Orders are delivered before 5 PM. Check your order upon arrival to ensure you have everything you ordered. Your invoice is attached to the bin/bag for reference. If you have an issue contact us by 6 PM if something needs adjusting and we will try our best to accommodate you. If after 6 please leave us a detailed message and we will assist you the following day. On departure day pack linens in provided laundry bags and place outside by 9 AM.

Contact Blue Cottage Linens: Blue Cottage Linens