Jersey Shore Summer Vacation Rentals Arrival and Departure info

Arrival ~ Departure Information


Arrival Info:

Thank you for choosing Shore Points Vacations for your vacation rental needs.

Our office address is: 1513 Richmond Avenue Point Pleasant, NJ 08742 ~ We are located next to the Walgreens Pharmacy on Hwy 35 South before the road splits to Bay Head or Rt 88. ( Park in the side lot next to our side door entrance and enter at side door or call 732-892-0123 to notify our staff of your arrival.

Check-In: between 2:00PM and 4:00PM. Upon arrival, come into our side door to complete your check-in or if you need us to come out to you then please call our office at 732-892-0123 and a rental agent will meet you at your vehicle with your check-in packet, keys etc., Please plan to arrive at our office no earlier than 2:00 PM. Late check-in arrangements must be made 24 hours in advance.

Late Arrivals: Call our office: 732-892-0123 or send us an email [email protected] if you will be arriving after-hours, our staff will make arrangements with you to pick up your check-in packet & keys.

Parking Information: The number of parking spaces available is listed in the description of most homes. If you have designated parking in a lot, please park carefully so as not to block an adjacent space or any ingress/egress for other homes or units. There are municipal parking lots & metered parking spaces throughout the town. Additionally, there is posted permit parking from 12:00AM to 4:30AM in certain areas. For rentals in these locations we offer parking permits for you or your guests use, and they are to be returned with your keys upon check-out.

Garbage/Recycling Information:

Garbage/Recycling:Click to view Garbage/Recycling Schedule
Please, if you have cans full of recycling bring them to The Recycling Center is located on Cooks Lane.  Hours: 7:00AM-11:30AM and 12:30PM - 3:45PM Closed on Wednesdays and Sundays.
There are several red dumpsters available for you to discard all the overflow recycling from Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday morning when you check out. Saturday drop off is 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM. 

  • Owner must provide all tenants with approved garbage receptacles and no more than one (1) plastic bag can accompany those receptacles at the curb for collection.
  • All receptacles must be clearly labeled with correct numeric street address.
  • Garbage receptacles may be placed at the curb for collection NO EARLIER than 5:00PM the day preceding collection and must be removed from the curb by 6:00PM the day of collection, EXCEPT for Arnold Avenue, Channel Drive, Ocean Avenue, Broadway and Inlet Drive.  Receptacles located on these streets must be removed from the curb within one (1) hour of collection OR no later than 1:00PM. 
  • Streets North of Arnold Avenue and East of Ocean Avenue may not place garbage on Ocean Avenue for collection during the Summer Collection Schedule. (See below for dates.) Garbage will be collected on the lanes in front of the homes. 
  •  SUMMER COLLECTION SCHEDULE – 3rd Monday in May through the 3rd Monday in September 
  • No garbage will be collected if not prepared properly. 
  • Limits for Receptacles – 45 GALLON MAXIMUM CAPACITY / 60LB WEIGHT LIMIT

Please Remember to Bring:

Bed Linens, Blankets/Comforters & Pillows

Towels (bath & beach)

Toilet Paper, Paper Towels, Napkins

Soap, Laundry Detergent, Favorite cleaners, etc.

Baby Equipment (Cribs, Pack 'n Play, Baby Gates, etc.)

Any preferred cleaning products to ensure your families personal comfort during your stay.

Rental Items: The following rental companies provide beach and home equipment.

Coastal Linen Supply: (732) 830-8228 or Coastal Linen Supply

Blue Cottage Linens: 800-515-0401 or

Coastal Baby Equipment:

Bike Rentals:

Helpful Links

Grocery Delivery: Stop & Shop

Bain’s Point Hardware: Great, local shop for beach chairs, supplies & they can refill propane tanks!

Jenkinson’s Beach: Know Before You Go!

Housekeeping and Maintenance:

All rental homes are to be left in as good of condition as received & thoroughly cleaned. Our property owners, hire professional cleaners to inspect & sanitize rental properties between tenants. If you find any housekeeping or maintenance issues upon arrival, contact us immediately. We will schedule service as soon as possible. Each week homes are inspected by property owner or their house cleaner for damages or maintenance issues; however, breakdowns can and do occur. Please contact us if you experience any sort of maintenance problem during your stay.


We look forward to seeing you soon!


Departure Information

  • Wash all used Dishes, Glassware, Cookware, Utensils, etc.
  • Empty the Dishwasher and return all items to their proper place.
  • Remove all food from Refrigerator, Freezer, Cupboards &/or Pantry. *a removal fee will be charged for any items left behind*
  • Return all Furniture to original location.
  • Remove All Bed Linens & store soiled linens properly in bags provided by Coastal Linen Supply *Applicable only if you rented linens* to be picked up.
  • Ensure all trash & recycling has been removed from rental property, this includes the outdoor receptacles; If any garbage &/or recycling remains at your rental property a removal fee will be charged. *You can now bring garbage to the train station parking lot, located right before the recycling center on corner of Arnold Ave and Cooks Ln*
  • Recycling Center Information: If you have cans full of recycling bring them to The Recycling Center is located on Cooks Lane (off Arnold Avenue, behind Train Station). Hours: 7:00AM-11:30AM and 12:30PM - 3:45PM Closed on Wednesdays and Sundays.

There are several red dumpsters available for you to discard all the overflow recycling from Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday morning when you check out. Saturday drop off is 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM. There is also a dumpster in our office parking lot to bring any excess garbage.

  • Check Closets, Dresser Drawers and under Beds for Personal Belongings*.
  • *If Beach Tags were provided with your rental, all beach tags must be returned at check-out. If you are missing any tags, you must purchase a replacement tag or pay the $100.00 replacement fee in cash form at time of check-out.
  • Check for mobile chargers, power cords, medications & other personal items.
  • Thoroughly Clean grill if used & make sure propane gas valve is tightly closed.
  • Check yard & Deck Areas for any personal items, close & secure patio umbrellas if applicable.
  • Close and lock all Windows and Doors.
  • Turn off all Lights, check Thermostats (AC should be set no lower than 73 degrees)
  • Return all Keys, Beach Tags, & Parking Passes in the envelope provided at check-in to our Office Drop Box located next to our side door entrance. *No Later than 10:00 AM.

    Re-Booking Process for Next Year
    After your stay, our Guests are given the option to rent the same corresponding weeks at the same rental property for the following year, so long as it is approved by the Homeowner. Please be sure to notify your rental agent if you would like to re-rent your vacation home for the following year.

    All security deposits are held by Keller Williams Ocean Living in a special escrow Trust account. Security deposits will be refunded within 30 days from date of departure and will be returned only to the person named in the lease agreement as soon as we receive authorization from the homeowner.

* We are not responsible for personal items. Please check the rental for phone/camera chargers, medications prior to vacating. If you request, items turned in by housekeeping or the owner will be returned to you at your own expense or held for you to pick-up from our office.

Each rental property is individually owned, furnished and equipped by the owner. Shore Points Ward Vacations is not responsible for alterations, equipment, furnishings or other modifications or substitutions completed by the homeowner to their rental unit.

Please make sure the rental you select meets your minimum needs as to occupancy, condition and location. Failure of any listed equipment, appliances, air conditioners, TVs etc. are not guaranteed and no refunds will be given in event of such failure. Shore Points Ward Vacations will make every good faith effort to have repairs made as quickly as possible.

Each rental unit is limited by Municipal Ordinance for maximum occupancy. That is the maximum number of people allowed, residents and/or guests included. Violating occupancy limits will result in immediate eviction with no refund of rent. Municipal penalties may apply as well. NO PETS ALLOWED WITHOUT WRITTEN PERMISSION OF THE LANDLORD. Pets are not permitted on our boardwalk or beaches. Failure to observe this restriction will result in immediate eviction.

The communities of the New Jersey Shore are very serious about maintaining a "family atmosphere". Violation of municipal codes are prosecutable under the Animal House statute and will result in fines and/or eviction with no refund of rent.

All rental properties require a refundable security/cleaning deposit. All security deposits are held by Keller Williams Ocean Point in a special escrow Trust account. Security deposits will be refunded within 30 days from date of departure, and will be returned only to the person named in the lease agreement.

Cancellation requests must be made in writing. Your lease shall be terminated only after another tenant is secured or permission from the Landlord is otherwise granted. A cancellation fee of 12% of gross rents is due Shore Points Ward Vacations for all cancellation events.

Campers, House trailers, recreational vehicles, and boats shall not be parked on any rented premises. No air conditioning may be installed without written consent of the Landlord.

The Landlord or his agent(s) may enter the premises at any reasonable daytime hour for emergencies, to make inspections for repairs or to show the property for sale or rental.

The Tenant may not sublet the rental premise either in part or whole.